4 Advantages Of Digital Fashion Pattern Making

27 April 2022
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

Digital technology has changed the way we do everything from how we communicate to how we shop. It's no surprise that the clothing industry has been impacted as well. Digital pattern making allows you to create a virtual sample, which can make it easier to test out new designs and get them to market faster. Here are four advantages of digital fashion pattern making:

1. Digital Fashion Pattern Making Allows For Custom Sizing

Customisation is a major factor in determining whether consumers will buy from an online retailer or visit a physical store. Consumers want to know they will get a garment that fits them correctly, without having to go through multiple sizes and styles to find a good fit. Digital pattern making allows retailers to offer a wider variety of sizes and shapes, making consumers more likely to purchase clothing online. This is particularly important in areas such as bridalwear where the bride may not fit into standard sizing and needs something that is tailored for her.

2. Digital Pattern Making Paves The Way For Mass Customisation

Mass customisation allows consumers to choose from a variety of options when purchasing an item. It's different from mass production because each item is made slightly differently. This means that fashion companies do not have to hold large amounts of stock in their warehouses and can instead wait until they receive an order before producing the item itself. This reduces waste and costs and gives customers better access to products they want.

3. Digital Fashion Pattern Making Helps You Keep Up With Faster Design Cycles

Designing garments can be a slow process, especially when designers have to keep up with trends that change rapidly during the year. Digital pattern making allows designers to work much faster because they can quickly make changes without having to re-do patterns over and over again. It also allows for easier collaboration between members of the design team by allowing them to share notes and changes in real-time. This makes it possible for teams to create new designs quickly, allowing them to keep up with demand from customers and stay on top of trends.

4. Digital Pattern Making Allows You To Create A Virtual Sample

You don't have to create an actual sample garment when you use digital fashion pattern making. Instead, you can create a virtual sample. This allows you to see what the finished product will look like once it's complete, so you can see if there are any adjustments or changes that need to be made while the garment is still in its design stage. This helps save money because it leaves less room for error before the actual garments are created.

The world of fashion has changed tremendously over the years. New techniques, patterns and designs have been created to keep up with the changing trends and today we have a whole new way of doing things. For more information on digital fashion pattern making, chat with a team member today.