Yoy Fashion Hair Decor Japanese Traditional Style Hair Comb Pins Picks Pics Forks For Women Girls Hair Accessory Two Prong With Pearls, Black

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  • Material:Acrylic / Plastic.Pack of 1 piece 2-prong hair comb

  • Total length: 5-inch;Function length:3.25-inch;Width:3.6-inch. All measurements are approximate and are provided for informational purposes only

  • Decorative and fashionable,insert it in hair after doing up your hair

  • Hair ornament with antique design,decorate your hair strikingly

  • Fits for all ladies and girls.Perfect as a gift

  • Color : Black

*Chinese hair stick embodies Chinese traditional culture, every style has different meanings or stories.
*YOY hair sticks are the perfect accessories for you if you want to add a touch of elegance to your usual bun.
*If you have never used a hair stick, maybe it's time to try this easy styling method and add a ton of variations to your hairstyles!


Step 1: Brush or comb hair to remove tangles.
Step 2: Gather the hair into a ponytail.
Step 3: Twist the hair with one hand while holding the base of the ponytail with the other.
Step 4: Coil the hair around itself at the base and tuck the ends under the coil.
Step 5: Push the stick in from the side, through the outermost coil to the scalp.
Step 6: Push the stick up slightly to catch the hair of the middle coils.
Step 7: Push the stick back down and finally out of the outermost coil on the other side of the bun.
Step 8: Tuck all ends securely into the bun.
NOTE:Real color may slightly different from pictures due to computer screen's resolution, brightness, contrast etc.