Xylimelts For Dry Mouth, Mint-Free, 80-Count Box

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  • Rated Most Effective by Dentists, Clinicians Report March 2016* (Full report available at oracoat.com)

  • Adhering discs for use while sleeping and daytime

  • Coats, moisturizes and lubricates

  • Increases saliva reducing sleep disruption caused by dry mouth

  • May reduce risk of tooth decay

  • Size : Pack of 1

80 long-lasting oral adhering discs of XyliMelts for slow-release of xylitol (500mg) to temporarily relieve dry mouth day and night. XyliMelts discs coat, moisturize, and lubricate, while increasing saliva. Xylitol may reduce the risk of tooth decay and freshen breath. Use XyliMelts daily as needed as part of your oral care routine!