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Wholesale 18Oz (540Ml) Jagua Fruit Gel *Ready To Use Like Henna (No Mixing Necessary) All Natural Fruit Dye- No Chemicals-Made In Usa

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  • WHOLESALE (cheapest rate) 2- 9 ounce bottles with twist top dispensing cap

  • Create 600-1200 temporary black/blue tattoos that last 10-15 days

  • Instructions, applicator & detailing tip

  • Safe and all natural fruit dye from Central/South America

  • Guaranteed to have a good color!

Two 9 ounce bottles of fresh Jagua fruit tattoo gel from Nature's Body Art. Create realistic tattoos that last 10-15 days. Design your own tattoo & test it before getting inked permanently. The unripe Jagua fruit (Genipa Americana L.) has been used for hundreds of years by the tribes of Central and South America for temporary body art, dying materials, and a source of food when fully ripened. Artists around the world are now using this natural dye. This is NOT HENNA with added dye. The jagua fruits juice works similar to an apple. When the fruit juice is exposed to oxygen it slowly turns to a blue-black color over several hours. Products that contain added dye or PPD stain the skin immediately. Instructions and a brief history of Jagua will be included, you may also find lots of info on the web about the Jagua fruit. Once bottle is opened use within a month for the best results. Freeze When not using. Nature's Body Art is the first USA distributor of Jagua wholesale tattoo products since 2005.