Swedish Dream

Swedish Dream Christmas Soap Embossed With Christmas Tree-5 Oz Bar

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  • Smells of cinnamon, apple spice and lavender

  • Perfect stocking stuffer

  • Shaped like a snowdome

  • Embossed with a Christmas Tree

  • Box features Swedish Dream child placing candles on a tree

Swedish Dream Christmas Soap captures the zenith of merry making and celebration with the Swedish Dream child placing lit candles, shining stars, apples, and garland on the Christmas tree as the snow gently falls and the family prepares for gift giving. This creamy white holiday soap is shaped like a snowdome and embossed with the Christmas tree. The high-spirited scents of cinnamon, apple spice, and lavender make the God Jul Tval a charming gift and traditional way to say: GOD JUL! and MERRY CHRISTMAS! to all.