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Sleep Bath Salt 2-Lbs (32 Ounces) - Epsom Salt Bath Soak With Tansy Essential Oils & Vitamin C - All Natural, No Perfumes No Dyes - Get A Better Nights Sleep Naturally With This Epsom Bath Soak

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  • Sleep Better With This Exclusive Epsom Salt Bath Soak

  • Blue Tansy Essential Oil Calms Your Senses & Promotes Good Sleep

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Releases Tension & Alleviates Anxiety

  • Vitamin C Crystals Isolate & Neutralize Impurities In Your Bath Water

  • Relieve Your Insomnia With A Calming Epsom Salt & Essential Oils Bath Ritual

  • Size : 2 Pounds

*GET A BETTER NIGHT'S SLEEP BY STARTING WITH A CALMING BATH RITUAL* Ancient cultures have been using baths to help induce sleep for thousands of years. Now, you can enjoy a relaxing bath right at home with this Sleep Bath Soak by Better Bath Better Body!

*100% CERTIFIED PURE ESSENTIAL OILS - BLUE TANSY, YLANG YLANG, & ORANGE OILS This Sleep Bath Salt includes a harmonious blend of Blue Tansy Essential Oil to calm you, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to relax you, and Orange Essential Oil to help inspire sweet dreams.

*PURE EPSOM SALT BASE BATH SOAK BLEND* Unlike some other Bath Salt makers, we use only pure Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) as a base for our Sleep Bath Soak product. This ensures you get all of the wonderful healing benefits of epsom salt while also enjoying the essential oils aromatherapy.

*VITAMIN C CRYSTALS CLEAN YOUR BATHWATER OF IMPURITIES* We've also included Vitamin C Crystals to help neutralize the Ammonia and Chlorine impurities that hide in your tap water bathwater. This helps filter your bathtub water in a sense because the Vitamin C grabs onto the chlorine & ammonia instantly neutralizing it.

You're going to love this custom Sleep Bath Salt blend. Use it at the end of a long stressful day to help you sleep better all night long.


This Sleep Bath Salt is a perfect gift. Purchase one or save when you buy 2 or more bath salts.