Seven Minerals

Seven Minerals Stress & Anxiety Magnesium Spray With Organic Blend Of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage & Bergamot - 4 Fl Oz

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  • Extra strength relief: Contains ionic magnesium chloride

  • Benefits: Highly recommended for anxiety relief and anti-stress

  • Rapid absorption: Do magnesium pills give you diarrhea or other intestinal complaints

  • Potent and pure

  • Size : 4 oz

Buy now and melt away tension with stress and anxiety pure magnesium oil with USA organic essential oils. Potent and safe thanks to this unique blend of ionic magnesium + aromatherapy. Experts now use transdermal magnesium therapy as a more effective way to deliver magnesium to body tissues. Ionic magnesium chloride is absorbed through the skin and rapidly into the blood stream, where it arrives safely at your stressed out cells. Now, you may have already tried magnesium pills. But according to science not all magnesium is easily absorbed, so youre not getting the full benefit. While some products leave you dashing for the bathroom. others leave you wondering if you took anything at all. Weve also combined the power of USA certified organic aromatherapy. Soothing aromas tickle your senses, while the magnesium goes to work deep in your cells. Not only are you getting a super-saturated solution of magnesium chloride (from 250 million year old sea beds), but youll get that extra calm boost from: Lavender oil for a peaceful sleep roman chamomile reduces anxiety clary sage to calm the nervous system bergamot for nervous tension so if youre still looking for a stress and anxiety remedy or relief from migraines, restless leg syndrome or sleepless nights try stress and anxiety transdermal magnesium oil from seven minerals.