'Nugglebuddy New! Microwavable Moist Heat & Aromatherapy Organic Rice Pack-Cold Pack. Gorgeous Timeless Treasure'S Geisha Girl Fabric Infused With Sweet Lavender Aromatherapy! The Perfect Gift!

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  • 100% Premium Cotton Exterior. Fully Lined with Double-Stitched Construction.

  • All Organic Grains, Herbs & Botanicals. Pure Essential Oils & Natural Fragrances.

  • A Very Thoughtful, Useful & Unique Gift Idea. Beautifully Packaged!

  • Promotes Relaxation & Restful Sleep. You'll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without It!

  • SWEET LAVENDER: Pure, relaxing sweet lavender. Aromatherapy benefits: Vitalizing, clarifying, balancing, normalizing & soothing.

A 'NuggleBuddy is an appx. 10 X 13 Microwavable Pillow-Like Pack, Made From 100% Premium Cotton Fabric & Fully Lined in Premium Muslin. Each 'NuggleBuddy is Filled with 40 Ounces of Organically Grown Grains, Herbs & Botanicals. This Mixture has been Carefully Infused with All-Natural Fragrances and 100% Pure Essential Oils. Each Scent 'NuggleBuddy Offers has been Specifically Designed to Relax the Body, Lift the Spirit & Soothe the Soul! Say HELLO to your NEW BEST FRIEND! 'NUGGLEBUDDY can be found on in HEALTH & PERSONAL CARE, BEAUTY & EVERYTHING ELSE Categories. Please explore ALL DEPARTMENTS for 100's of 'NuggleBuddy selections!