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My Beauty Diary Facial Mask, Collagen Firming 2015, 10 Count

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  • Cosphingo

  • Collagen helps seal in water and enhances elasticity

  • Hydrolyzed soy protein help supply essential nutrients

  • Centella Asiatic and ginseng protect from environmental damage

My Beauty Diary provides a wide selection of masks to suit different skin texture needs in different seasons. The facial mask serums are formulated to be instantly absorbed by the skin to maintain the tenderness and luster of your skin. Specially designed for oriental skin, this gentle formula made with natural plant extracts is suitable for daily use to keep your beautiful and confident with a great complexion. Firming and Rejuvenating . This mask contains cosphingo X aqua road , aloe Vera, centella Asiatic and ginseng to protect from environmental damage. Additionally collagen helps seal in water and enhances elasticity, as it revives tired skin renewing and brightening hydrolyzed soy protein help supply essential nutrients and provides dual-action restoring the skin to its bright, firm and radiant state. Extracts from lemon, algae and licorice improve dullness and skin vitality.