Light Mountain

Light Mountain Color The Gray Auburn -- 7 Fl Oz

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  • Color : Grey

  • Size : 7 oz

Color the Gray:
Henna and Gray Hair

Using henna on gray hair has always been possible, but somewhat difficult. Henna has a harder time attaching to gray hair because of changes in the protein base of gray hair. After years of research, Light Mountain has developed a two-step product, Color the Gray! that effectively colors most gray hair. Available in eight shades, our color chart will help you determine which shade is appropriate for you. Inside the box are two treatments: Step 1 is applied first to condition the gray hair, thus aiding the acceptance of the final color treatment. Step 2, the final treatment, seals in the color. Color the Gray! is the first and only natural hair coloring treatment system for gray hair that does not rely on any chemical agents.

This is the only ALL NATURAL hair color designed to work with gray hair. Our two step process comes with a complete application kit, including step by step instructions, henna hat and gloves. We use no chemicals, and our products are totally cruelty-free with no animal testing. We use premium grade henna and botanicals only. NO PPD.

Choose from the following shades in our Color the Gray line:

Auburn (formely Copper)
Light Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown