Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove For Hair Styling Heat Blocking For Curling, Flat Iron And Curling Wand Suitable For Left And Right Hands

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  • Professional heat resistant glove designed only for heated hair tools operation, you can still feel heat but no burn if you touch very hot surface

  • Used for flat iron,curling iron,and hair dryers

  • One size fits for all and suitable for left and right hands

  • Heat Blocking for Hair Styling

  • It's made from the cotton of moderate thickness density, comportable and flexible to wear

Things You Need to Know (Warning):
1:This heat resistant glove is only for heated hair style tools to protect your hand/fingers' from surface burn.
2:May not use it for other purposes of heat resistant.
3:Do not grip 250 above with it over 10 secs according to the CE NE407 Standard.
4:Attention to high temperature scalding.
5:promise to reply any issues about item in 10 hours,and 100% money back guarantee for not satisfaction with any reasons.