Gum Soft-Picks, Step 3, 40-Count Packages

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  • Soft and comfortable bristles

  • Removes plaque

Step 3: Custom Care. Soft comfortable bristles. Massages gums. Removes plaque. Easier than flossing! Designed to clean more effectively than wood and plastic picks. A unique pick with bristles that massages gums to promote blood circulation and healthy, firm gum tissue. Flexible bristles slide between teeth to help remove plaque and food particles. Soft bristles stimulate and massage gums. Tapered design fits between small spaces. Reaches back teeth. Fights gingivitis. Convenient travel case for on-the-go use. 3 Step System to Healthier Gums: Step 1 Brush - Brushing alone is not enough because it only removes up to 50% of plaque. Step 2 Floss - Brushing and flossing only remove up to 70% of plaque. Step 3 Custom Care - For optimal gum health, brush, floss and consult your dental professional to customize your oral care routine. Made in Germany.