Glam21 Skinny Eyebrow Pencil, Lingering Mocha

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  • Always blend pencil with the brow brush for even color

  • Smudge-free, long lasting and strong waterproof

  • Super light and easy to carry

  • Easy to draw with skinny type without irritation

Description: 1. Eyebrow looks fuller than before makes your eyebrow fuller than before you use the eyebrow. The brush which is attached to the bottom of body helps you to be able to finish your makeup perfectly. 2. Skinny type . Easy to use with oval-flat shaped pencil. 3. Functions: Smudge-free, sharp drawing make you perfect wherever you are even Desert. 4. High quality, low irritation: It helps you to makeup easily without any irritation on your eyebrow. It is hardly broken, makes you being more natural with natural color expression.