Fflemon Brush Color Removal Sponge, Makeup Brush Quick Cleaner Sponge,Remove Shadow Color From Brush And Easily Change To Next Color, Compact Size For Travel (Twins)

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  • Still frustrated of using multiple brushes when applying eye shadow? Still clean your brushes with Paper Towel when Switching to the next color? Try this Magic Sponge. Simply swipe the brush against the black sponge, It Removes Shadow Color Instantly, and help you Easily Switch to the Next Color.

  • Both sides of the black sponge usable. The Sponge could be washed and reused. Efficient and Environmental friendly.

  • Size: approx 3 in. (diameter) * 1 in. (H) Travel Size. Keep your makeup bag clean and smudge free!

  • Good for removing powder color/shadow color, not for liquid. Used for Brush Color removal, cannot replace daily cleaning.The White sponge in the center case could be used for wet eye shadow application.

  • Color : TWINS

Made of Acticarbon Scrubbing Sponge, high effective. Just Gliding the brush against the surface of the black sponge, It will Remove Makeup from your Brushes Instantly. So Your Brush Can Easily Switch to the next Color. Use Multiple Shadows With One Brush Now!