Exquisite Natural Ox Horn Hair Comb 100% Handmade Premium Quality Anti-Static Comb Without Handle

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  • 100% handmade of high quality natural ox horn.The horn comb is a pure natural biological product.

  • Anti-Static & No tangling hair, smooth and comfortable. Connect body smooth, strong toughness .Unlike Plastic Hair Comb.

  • Natural remedy, can Help Stopping Headaches, Baldness, scalp, tensionand Hair Losing.Long comb, resistance slightly infiltration, nourishing beauty, hair care.

  • Perfect for gifting.The ox horn comb boasting health and practicability will show your attentive care when used as gift. Its natural texture and color are almost different for each comb.

  • Length: 6Inches; Width: 2Inches; Weight: 2 Oz

Warm Tips:
1The horn comb is a pure natural handmade productSo there will be a natural silky fiber. 2Keep away from fire.Avoid hard impact or friction.
3Avoid long soak in the water. Don't put it in the Sun longer exposure.
Why the Ox Horn Hair Comb is more expensive than others?
The key is materials and workmanship.
The first: materials!
You know the natural horns have natural silky fiber, red blood fiber or black texture.But when we choose the materials ,We remove these unattractive impurities, So a natural horn has only left a few remaining parts to use.
The second: workmanship!
Our horn comb is 100% Handmade. Whether the shape of the comb or make the comb teeth.It's all manual work. And we use a more sophisticated polishing process. When you hold our comb you will feel very exquisite, translucent, smooth and better comfortable grip.