Eo Products Hand Sanitizer Spray Organic Lavender 2 Oz

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  • Size : 2 oz

Hand Sanitizing Spray Organic Lavender by EO 2 oz Liquid Hand Sanitizing Spray - 2 oz Organic Lavender EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer with Echinacea is the organic plant based alternative to chemical laden hand sanitizers. Organic Lavender Essential Oil is naturally antiseptic with anti-microbial benefits. Fragrant and soothing it delivers 62 Organic Alcohol (non-GMO) to sanitize hands. Ingredients found in this product Organic Ethanol (Non-GMO) Purified Water Organic Lavender (Lavendula Officinalis) Essential Oil Organic Echinacea Extract Vegetable Glycerin Vitamin E. Certified Organic Key Ingredients Organic Ethanol Echinacea Lavender