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Eco-Friendly Mesh Bath And Shower Sponge, - Loofah-Loofa-Loufa-Luffa-Pouf-Poof

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  • Whether you call it a loofah, luffa, loofa, loufa, lufa, pouf, or something else entirely, our mesh bath and shower sponge will keep your skin healthy and smooth like never before

  • While soft and smooth when used gently, our pack of loofas provides plenty of exfoliating power when used to scrub

  • Made with recycled materials and fully recyclable, we've worked to make our loofa sponge the most eco-friendly and durable bath pouf on the market

  • Designed to create a rich lather from a small amount of any body soap or shower gel, our bath and shower sponge maximizes the lifespan of your soaps/gels AND hangs easily and attractively in your bath or shower

  • Like all of our products, a portion of profits are donated to charity and a we provide an excellent manufacturer's warranty

  • if you're not satisfied with your shower loofah / bath loofah purchase, let us know and we'll provide you with a full refund

If you're looking to have healthier, smoother skin, to make your shower gels and soaps last longer, or simply to have a more enjoyable bathing experience, you've found the right loofahs. Our 5 mesh bath and shower sponge (a medium to large loofah) with an easy-hang loop is ideal for your bathing experience at a price that appeals to those looking for luffa in bulk quantitites. Whether you're currently using a similar product, a washcloth, or nothing at all, you'll be happy from the moment you start using our bath scrunchies. We've created the perfect texture balance with a product that is smooth to the touch and stands up as a strong exfoliator when used as a scrubber. Your package will include 6 bath poofs; 2 of each of our colors shown in the photos. A few recommendations for optimal use: A) Replace your bath poufs at least once per month, B) Rinse loufas well after use and hang to dry. Also makes a great travel loofah - simply recycle it when your trip is over!