Duo Lash Adhesive, Clear, 0.25 Ounce

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  • Clear-invisible when dry

  • World's best setlling adhesive

  • Use with strip lashes

  • Waterproof

  • Color : Clear

  • Size : oz

Ask any makeup artist and they will tell you, its not the lashes; its the adhesive. For a perfect faux lash application, women look to duo, the worlds best-selling waterproof lash adhesive. Duo adhesive is celebrated for its safe, gentle formula and the strong, sure hold it provides. One tube of duo (in both dark and clear tones) allows for countless applications because only a thin line of duo is required to create beautiful, eye-opening results. For both the lash expert and the faux phobic, duo adhesive ensures that lashes are easy to apply and they stay in place. Women who love their lashes incorporate them into their every day makeup routine. And women who want to experiment with the instant allure of lashes find that duo makes the difference between success and failure. Duothe makeup artists best friend.