Delfogorx Wrinkle Eraser Cream

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  • A Prescription-Strength Skin Care Product by DelfogoRx

  • Contains Pharmaceutical Grade Peptides: Matrixyl3000 Argireline Leuphasyl EyelissTM

  • Greatly reduces appearance of expression wrinkles

  • Eliminates the appearance fine lines that result from aging

  • Improved cellular function even skin tones

The Wrinkle Eraser Cream is a targeted facial wrinkle reduction treatment that contains a concentrated blend of pharmaceutical grade Matrixyl3000, Argireline, Leuphasyl and EyelissTM. Containing only the most potent active ingredients that are clinically proven to drastically reduce fine lines and wrinkles, the Wrinkle Eraser Cream consistently outperforms in both efficacy and scientific merit. The potent combination of Argireline and Leuphasyl mimics the natural mechanism of enkephalins. It couples to the enkephalin receptor, on the outside of the nerve cells. When coupling to the receptor, a conformational change initiates a cascade inside the neuron that results in a decrease of its excitability. Essentially, the nerve cell's activity is turned down and the release of acetylcholine is modulated. This activity is translated by relaxing muscle contractions and reducing the depth of expression wrinkles, particularly in the forehead area. When combined together, this combination of peptides has been proven to reduce wrinkles by nearly 50% in under 30 days. While the Wrinkle Eraser Cream is an extremely powerful and award winning anti-aging topical on its own merit, it also plays an integral role in the Complete Age-Defying System. When used alongside the Reconstructive Eye Serum and Neck & Chest V-Covery Cream, the results are exponentially superior.