Cyndibands Neutral Brown/Gray Hair Ties (Classic Neutrals) 6 Hair Ties

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  • Gentle and stylish elastic ribbon hair ties don't leave a big crease like traditional hair ties.

  • As seen in US Weekly, Women's Health, Teen Vogue, LA Times, The Zoe Report, and More Magazine

  • Favorite of celebrity stylists. Cyndibands have been used in NYFW, and on the Emmys, Met Ball and Oscars Red Carpets.

  • No-fray ends won't unravel for longer lasting ponytail holders. Made in the USA using imported fabric.

  • Soft elastic doesn't snag or damage your hair. Hair ties can also be worn as bracelets.

  • Size : 1 Pack

This set that we call Classic Neutrals includes hair ties in colors that you can never have enough of including black, charcoal grey, silver, cream, mocha and chocolate brown.

Cyndibands are stylish and gentle elastic hair ties that were an instant hit when they debuted in 2010. These ouchless ponytail holders are an important part of any healthy hair ritual as the soft elastic will not snag or tear hair.

Traditional hair ties are notorious for the large crease they leave in hair even if it is only up for a short time. When you wear CyndiBands hair ties the dent is minimized and for some they leave no dent at all.

Versatile with Different Hair Types - People are often surprised by how well CyndiBands work any hair type - whether it is thick, thin, curly or straight.

Ponytails: Using a Cyndibands hair tie not only keeps your hair in the ponytail that you want, but allows your hair to look just as fabulous before and after your ponytail with our gentle no-dent fabric.

Braids: Wrapping a CyndiBands knotted hair tie around the bottom of a braid is a perfect, colorful way to top off this new trending style. When taken out, the hair tie will have left little to no dent or crease like other hair ties, and will allow for the braid to fall out into loose waves with no crimp at the bottom of the wave strand.

Buns: Keeping a bun of hair securely fastened to the top of your head is an easy feat for CyndiBands hair ties. Sock buns go from a complicated mess to a simple accomplishment in just seconds. Use a flexible hair tie from our neutral color hair tie sets to go incognito under your wrapped hair.

Bracelets: The convenience of a hair tie in a design that doubles as a bracelet! Wear your CyndiBands hair tie as a bracelet and match it to your outfit.