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Chuparrosa Oil 1/2 Oz Hoodoo Voodoo Wicca Pagan

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  • For New Love, Relationships and Passion

  • Comes in a 1/2 oz bottle

  • Includes real herbs and essential oils in every bottle.

  • Hand Blended and Made To Order

Chuparrosa oil, or otherwise known as hummingbird oil, is another older Hoodoo recipe designed to help someone attract love (like a hummingbird being drawn to nectar). It is believed that those who work with Chuparrosa oil will not be turned away by a potential love interest. This recipe can be used by someone who is looking for a lasting relationship. It can also be used by those who wish to reignite an old relationship or help mend one that is currently going through difficulties. The primary ingredient in Chuparrosa oil is Honeysuckle. The nectar from a honeysuckle has been known to be an aphrodisiac and is often associated to love. In fact, the honeysuckle scent in Chuparrosa oil can be used to honor many other gods associated to love and seduction such as Aphrodite, Venus and Oshun. Chuparrosa oil comes in a oz bottle. There are many ways you can work with Chuparrosa oil. You can dab some on your body, put a few drops in the bath, anoint some on a mojo bag, put a few drops in your shoe, wash your door down with some to draw someone new into your life and home or you can put a few drops in the bed to rekindle your relationship. If you want to work with candle divination, I suggest you work with an Adam and Eve candle, a love Goddess candle, or you can simply work with any pink candle. In any type of drawing work, you will want to anoint the candle pulling the oil up and towards you. You may write your petition on a piece of paper, fold it towards you, and place it under the candle. I also suggest reading Psalm 23 after lighting the candle. Wear some on any first date! Sold as a Curio. For External Use Only.