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Paul Joseph Hyaluronic Acid Serum Botox Anti Aging Cream, 2 Oz

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  • BOTOX ALTERNATIVE: Large 2 Oz bottle Packed with Vitamins , aloe and lavender oil to reduce puffiness and reduce the signs of aging making you look and feel youthful and plumper

  • CELL REPAIR: Using the retinol and peptides serum will help repair sun damage fade aged spots help with dark circles and your skin will feel soft and silky overnight you will feel and look 10 years younger as your lotion works into your skin giving it a bright fresh and smoother feel

  • TIGHTENS AND FIRMS THE SKIN: Using the most advanced formulas and ingredients to not only rehydrates your skin but helps in essence by firming and tightening to make you look more youthful with our toner. Our concentrate liquid moisturizing moisture absorption solution lubricant booster will work night and day

  • 100% GUARANTEE: When ordering Paul Joseph Skincare as a gift if for any reason you are not satisfied with your product you dont just get an ordinary guarantee you get a FULL 365 DAY money back guarantee no questions asked with no return needed.

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  • Size : 50 Ml-2 oz

Do you want softer, smoother and more supple skin that glows

-Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles
-Treat puffiness and eye bags
-Increase your skin tone have tighter firmer skin that looks re hydrated

Look fantastic and 10 years younger with Paul Joseph Hyaluronic acid serum

- Paul Joseph hyaluronic acid serum is one of the best on the market that calms irritated skin and reduces puffiness and dark circles under your eyes and is great for gifts
- Re-hydrate your skin so you can slow down signs of anti aging
- provides Vitamins A,C,D and E
- improves complexion!
- Amazing for under eye treatment to reduce puffy eyes.

Boosts collagen production giving a more youthful appearance.

Paul Joseph skincare products are made with top quality materials with your high standards in focus and we always provides top-notch quality and durability that you can always rely on.

- Paul Joseph Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum Hydrator Comes packed with aloe and lavender oil
- Makes your skin glow amazingly well
- Amazing results from vitamins that help tighten and firm your skin
- Comes in a beautiful box with a Free Offer on our website

- Made in USA In our FDA Registered Facility

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