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Eyebrow Growth Serum And Eyelashes - Longer, Lush, Healthier Eyelashes & Brows - Rejuvenates Hair In 45 Days- Non Toxic All Natural - Wise Essentials

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  • Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Ancient Secret Serum is a unique all natural formula of lash enhancing, conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening ingredients.

  • BOTANICAL HERBAL AND OIL blend to prime, condition and support natural hair growth

  • SECRET recipe used for centuries to enhance beauty. This adds natural oils for smoothing and conditioning, protects skin collagen and elastin fibers, ennhances elastin and hyaluronic acid production.

  • HOW IT WORKS: Aging causes the oil gland at the hair root has stopped producing the oils that coat and soften the hair. The oil gland dries out over time. The oil rejuvenates the hairs which softens them almost immediately, leaving them nourished.

  • THESE OILS enhances the most broken lashes into the long, thick, healthier eye lashes you want! Anti-oxidant Certified Sustainably Grown Rosemary. Recycled Materials Sustainable Raw Materials & Practices

Eyelash growth serum so you Too Can Have The Beautiful Lashes and Brows You see in the Magazines: You've Come to the Right Place

Have you always wished you had those long gorgeous lashes seen on movie stars and fashion models?

-Lashes are a delicate part of your face, and need rejuvenation as we age.
-Often by the time you realize your lashes need extra treatment its, already too late and permanent damage may have already occurred. Grooming and conditioning the hair root before it is too late can be achieved with this hair enhance.
-Do you experience eyelash aging and stress, such as dry, brittle, lifeless lashes?

This Secret Ancient Formula Used For Beautiful Long Silky Hair On Eyelashes and Eyebrows From Wise Essential

It is an all natural rich oil blend derived from coconut, sunflower seed, hemp, rice bran, and emollient linolenic and linoleic acid, horsetail extract with marshmallow plant helps to improve the texture, support hair growth.

-These natural conditioning oils and herbs helps strengthen hair roots, which helps eyelashes and eyebrows to help grow longer and stronger.
-It is applied daily to lashes and eyebrows. The results - thicker, fuller, and healthier looking eyelashes 8-12 weeks. This has the highest possible antioxidant targeted molecule levels that all work together to provide optimal and consistent skin and formula benefits.

We use only FDA-registered facilities in the U.S.A., so you can use our product with confidence

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